We are an independent creative
studio dedicated to digital design
& website development.
We are an independent creative studio dedicated to digital design and website development.

Our Work

We specialize in designing websites in Figma & building them in Webflow, a low-code website builder that uses the fundamentals of website development to make the web more accessible.

Our name, Cut&Paste, refers to the way our process & creative dedication translate flawlessly into every project, no matter the project.

Our ideal project turns clients into friends while producing creative solutions to educate and engage an audience.

Our Process

Our services are primarily focused on web design & development, but we also have experience in branding, email development & general design. If you have an inquiry about a project that isn't web related, just let us know.



We get to know you or your brand and how we can be the best help to you. We talk timing, numbers, communication, and anything else to make you feel at home. Best enjoyed with coffee or beer.



Using Figma, we go through multiple rounds of style presentations, designs and prototyping, getting your feedback after every round. We plan for one week per each round of design.



We build just about all of our websites on a low-code website builder called Webflow, giving you more accessability. We build your website no more than 2 weeks after finishing the last round of design.



We’ll set up or reroute your domain, set up SEO support, and set up SSL certificates so your site is secure.



We can set up time post-launch to walk through any outstanding questions or ways you want to maintain the website on your end, through the Webflow Editor.



We’re always here to help, so let us know if we can help with any website maintenance in the future.

Screenshots of previews of web pages that show mock up designsScreenshots of previews of web pages that show mock up designs and a Spotify playlist preview


What we use to get the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Kind Words

We are getting so many compliments on the new site – amazing job!

We still get so many compliments all of the time on our website!


Yo what!!! You different man!!!

I LOVE these designs!

We are open for business & would love to work with you. Shoot us a note & let us know how we can help.

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